Project spes, why begin with a T-Shirt?

“say it with a t-shirt”, and so we have

Spes has three goals

Through historic phrases, mottos, and maxims, the project has the goal of educating and sensitizing young and old to various ideas, those who wear the T-shirts will spread the message.

Make people aware of men and women who through history were the founders of world culture: especially the LATINS.

Charity. with proceeds raised we will be able to help those less fortunate.

Our Mission: to ecucate and sensitize with a simple message

The words presented by Spes on its T-shirts will express ideas covering a number of areas: Love, respect for humanity, animals, the environment and its care, diversity, and the unknown in all its facets.

Everything that the ancient Latins could teach about wealth and poverty, good and bad taste, respect, irony, expectations, solidarity, optimism and pessimism.

The importance of culture and human rights, kindness, mutual respect, the defense of one’s own heritage, culture, religion, and sense of humor.

Our products represent a small acquisition for a big help

Spes T-Shirts are made by artisans where there is no labor abuse. The shirts are made from combed, colored cotton grown in sustainable ways picked and finished by regular workers, facts that are all certified and verifiable.

Our T shirts will be sent to you in a package containing a small “papyrus” of recycled paper on which will be written the phrase on the T-shirt in Latin, the translation in Italian, English, and Spanish, a brief bio of the writer and, most importantly, the message that the author wants (wanted) to convey: the moral.

  • Camiseta Gignit

    Amor Gignit Amorem
    L’amore genera amore
    Love generates love
    El amor genera amor
  • Camiseta Quod

    Ama Et Fac Quod Vis
    Ama e fai quello che vuoi
    Love and do what you want
    Ama y haz lo que quieras
  • Camiseta Essentia

    Amor est vitae essentia
    L’amore è l’essenza della vita
    Love is the essence of life
    El amor es la esencia de la vida
    (Plinio il Giovane)
  • Camiseta Ama

    Si Vis Amari Ama
    Se vuoi essere amato, ama
    If you want be loved, love
    Si quieres ser amado, ama.