Walking through Rome

Let’s continue, wearing the Spes T-shirt, to promote our message of love through the collection of funds destined for our three beneficiaries.

With the collaboration of Elena we visited, not by chance, two of Rome’s most characteristic monuments.

Four River Fountain

Bernini represented the the four principle rivers, the Ganges, Danube, Rio della Plata, and the Nile, representing the four continents, or in other words the world, and with the obelisk above which is a symbol of Divine love, Love for all the world.

Love is always the driving force of our life.

…in the shadow of Pasquino…

he speaking statue, a characteristic feature of the city, collected during nights long ago satiric messages and protests aimed at important public personages.

Since then much of this happens via social media.
Nevertheless Pasquino is always there, with a face turned toward the sky, unaware of his popularity.

NO! Pasquino is not out of date !

Today Italian passersby don’t post on the notice board provided satiric messages in rhyme, but they recount episodes from daily life.

Their expectations, delusions, loves, happiness ecc; as if Pasquino were the depository of their states of spirit, of their life.

Let’s also take advantage of this figure, for certain aspects even controversial, so that it can help us transmit our message.

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